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We opened our new plant in Manaus.

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Established in order to satisfy the printing market demands with high quality distinctive supplies, Syntpaper offers products with custom made cuts, fast delivery and the development of solutions to satisfy customers’ needs.

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Tyvek® is a DuPont nonwoven product composed by high density 100% pure nondirectional polyethylene fibers. It is strong, resists tear, perforation and water. Its exclusive manufacturing process gives Tyvek® more versatility, combining the best features and proprieties of paper, film and fabric into a single product.

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Synthetic Papers

Synthetic papers that are innovative, sustainable, recyclable, resistant to water, tear and extreme weather conditions. This product line is composed by synthetic papers such as Vitopaper and Polypropylene Films with different features and treatments to receive several kinds of printing.

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Nylon Fabrics

Syntpaper nylons are resistant to tear and to temperatures up to 180o C (356o F). They feature a special coating for thermal transfer ribbon, which results in a high quality and clear printing. Its main application is for textile labels.

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Fabrics with different features and applications, such as stonewashing, resistance to solvents and high temperatures.

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Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Thermal Transfer Ribbons are manufactured in rolls for thermal transfer printing in several formulations, such as wax, resin and wax/resin. Thermal transfer printing works by applying through a heat source provided by the printer a certain amount of melting ink onto a substrate.

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