About Syntpaper

Founded with the purpose of meeting the needs of the printing market with differentiated and high quality supplies, Syntpaper offers products with customized cuts, prompt delivery and development of solutions together with the customer.

The company has a Research and Development Department that is continuously searching for new technologies to better meet the needs of the Brazilian market.

The product line is composed of the well-known "synthetic papers", such as Tyvek® from DuPont, nylon fabrics, polypropylene films with different treatments, Vitopaper, Teslin, ribbons for thermal transfer, thermal films, among others.

Syntpaper works with ecologically correct products - recyclable and non-toxic - and with neutral PH - that do not produce emissions of harmful gases to the atmosphere in their recycling processes.

Syntpaper Manaus

Strategically located in Manaus/AM, the company invested in the installation of a modern factory in the free zone, for cutting tapes.

The scope of this unit is to guarantee to its customers the best cost-benefit and the most complete range of imported inputs.

All products manufactured in Manaus/AM and São Paulo/SP are produced in facilities that have ISO 9001 certification.

About Beontag

In 2021, Syntpaper became part of Beontag, a holding formed by brands specialized in self-adhesives, synthetic papers, special films, RFID technology, label converting and a complete office line.

Beontag continuously invests in modernization, new equipment, specialized teams, state-of-the-art technology and internationalization of the brand.

It is present in 2 continents, 8 countries, 12 cities and will continue investing more and more in expanding its business.

Beontag Culture

Our Purpose

To empower companies, brands and people to express their unique identity.

Our Vision

To give voice to trillions of everyday items in a sustainable way.

Our Pillars

Without Borders, Make it Happen and Together.

ISO Certification

Syntpaper is certified by the NBR ISO 9001 Brazilian standard

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