Tyvek®’s exclusive manufacturing process gives it greater versatility, offering all the best characteristics of paper, film and fabric in one material.

Adhesive-coated Tyvek®

Coated with translucent Glassine paper and permanent water-resistant odor-free 20g acrylic adhesive. Good adherence at low temperatures. Good heat and UV resistance. High density even under low temperature conditions. Good resistance to aging, organic solvents and plasticizers.

Printing Processes:

Offset, Flexo, Thermal Transfer (4173 – wax, resin, wax/resin ribbons), Silkscreen, Rotogravure, Digital.


Wristbands, banners, maps, textile labels, bag/sack labels, books, magazines, envelopes, product labels, jackets, backpacks (1443) and wallets.

Highest Temperature:


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